How Depression Affects Your Marriage

When a person is suffering from depression, it affects his mind, body and the people around him. You may not notice that one of the affected factors in your life when you do not fight depression as soon as you can, it will damage your marriage.

Here are the ways to determine whether your marriage is suffering from your depression:

  1.    You Lose Purpose In Life

Going through depression, you started to question your purpose in life. You keep on asking yourself if this is the life you really wanted in the first place, depression can make you feel unwanted and empty at some point. In this way, it’s not only you who suffer from it, your spouse can feel the pain too by simply seeing you everyday, not in your best.

  1.    Too Much Sensitivity

When your spouse is trying to reach out and sharing stories with you and suddenly there is a certain word he mentioned that triggers your mood swings. This is actually one of the common effects how does depression kills your relationship, it tends to make you be too sensitive in every word you hear. You only listen to the things you only want to hear.

  1.    Self- Doubt

You started to feel that you are worthless and you have tons of flaws, thinking that no one can ever understand you even your spouse, when in fact, your spouse is the only person who’s willing to help you immediately, but you keep on pushing him away. Depression drives you to think that there is no hope at all.

  1.    You Are No Longer Productive

Depression kills your time and it can make you unproductive all day, leaving your spouse to do the rest of the household chores and the things you used to do for him. A great example would be, cooking breakfast and prepare his clothes before he goes to the office.


When To Know If Depression Is Killing Your Marriage Already?

The easiest ways on how to measure how does depression is killing your marriage, check these warning signs.

  1.    You no longer have the sex drive you’ve used to have before.
  2.    It’s been days since the last time you talk to your spouse happily and you seem both enjoy the time talking to each other.
  3.    You tend to sleep all day as an excuse because you are depressed, yet you let your spouse do all the household chores alone.
  4.    You’d like to eat on a solo flight.
  5.    If you’ve noticed that your spouse has no longer the attention he used to spend for you, because it’s been a long time you are suffering from depression.
  6.    Your spouse keeps on telling you that he needs you, and you’re the only person that he would like to see smiling first thing in the morning.
  7.    You isolate yourself from your spouse, even if he wants to just give you a hug after a long tiring day.

If these signs show up and you feel that you’re about to lose the love of your life, keep on fighting the depression within you, help yourself, embrace your flaws and take the time to reflect.




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